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UHD and USRP Manual
Writing a Testbench

Writing a unit test or system level test is easy with the Vivado makefile infrastructure! Most of the overhead of building and running a testbench is handled by the build tools. Even recurring tasks like reporting and monitoring are implemented by framework libraries.

Each executable FPGA unit test must have the following components:

  1. A simulation Makefile
  2. A top-level simulation module

If creating a testbench for an RFNoC block, it is recommended to use the RFNoC ModTool ( to create a template Makefile and testbench for your RFNoC block.

It is encouraged to use (and create) reusable libraries in product specific test benches. Libraries can provide macros, modules, tasks and functions for ease-of-use with particular protocols and subsystems.

See the following manual pages for information about how to create the Makefile and top-level simulation file.