USRP Hardware Driver and USRP Manual  Version:
UHD and USRP Manual

UHD supports a C API, in case the C++ or Python APIs are not the right solution for your application.

Installing the C API

In order to install the C API when building UHD from source, make sure you have the CMake variable ENABLE_C_API set to ON (e.g., by running cmake -DENABLE_C_API=ON).

Using the C API

The C API mirrors the C++ API, so the C++ reference manual can be used to understand the behaviour of the Python API as well.

The examples/ subdirectory provides several examples on how to use the C API. See also the usrp.h include file, which provides all the functionality that would be provided by uhd::usrp::multi_usrp in the C++ case.