USRP Hardware Driver and USRP Manual  Version:
UHD and USRP Manual


usrpctl is the central and universal tool to query, update or configure USRP devices. The command structure is:


usrpctl will run $COMMAND on the devices identified by $ID. $OPTIONS is dependend on the chosen command.


$ID is the optional device argument. It is used to define a set of USRP devices that $COMMAND should be applied to. If $ID is omitted $COMMAND is applied to all reachable devices.

usrpctl understands the device args argument used by other UHD tools like uhd_find_devices.


Is the action the tool is to take. Every command can be either applied to a single device or a group of devices. Commands that run on a group of devices repeat the command for every device.

  • Single device commands:
    • config: Read/write configuration variables (e.g., IP address)
    • probe: reads extended information about the USRP
  • Multi device commands:
    • update: Update binaries (e.g., FPGA image)
    • reset: Reset the specified subcomponent(s) of the USRP
    • find: finds all available USRPs in this network


The options depend on the chosen command. Optional arguments are prepended with a dash, mandatory are not.

Available commands


The find command takes no further options. If $ID is not given it scans the system for available, supported devices and prints a list of discovered devices. The print out is compatible to `uhd_find_devices`. $ID can be used to narrow down the list of discovered devices.


  • usrpctl find find all supported devices
  • usrpctl type=x300,product=X310 find find all x310 devices
  • usrpctl name=my_usrp find find a device named my_usrp
  • usrpctl addr= find find a device with the given IP.


Arguments: --tree: print a list of the device property tree

The probe command can only be applied to a single device so make sure that $ID identifies exactly one device. Without arguments it displays detailed information about the device such as name, serial, revision numbers, firmware version sensor information on attached motherboard and daughterboards.


  • usrpctl addr= probe display device information for USRP with the given ID
  • usprctl name=my_usrp probe -tree display property tree of device with the name my_usrp


Arguments: --mpm: reset MPM of USRP device (requires python package rpc-msgpack or msgpack-rpc-python)

The reset command resets specified subcomponents of a device. If $ID is not given, it scans the system for available, supported devices and resets the specified subcomponent of all discovered devices.


  • usrpctl addr= -mpm reset MPM for USRP with the given ID