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uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t Class Referenceabstract

#include <uhd/rfnoc/property.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t:
uhd::rfnoc::property_t< double > uhd::rfnoc::property_t< size_t > uhd::rfnoc::dirtifier_t uhd::rfnoc::property_t< data_t >

Public Types

enum  access_t { NONE, RO = 0x1, RW = 0x3, RWLOCKED = 0x5 }

Public Member Functions

 property_base_t (const std::string &id, const res_source_info &source_info)
const std::string & get_id () const
 Gets the ID (name) of this property. More...
const res_source_infoget_src_info () const
 Return the source info for this property. More...
virtual bool is_dirty () const =0
 Query this property's dirty flag. More...
virtual bool is_valid () const =0
 Query this property's valid flag. More...
bool read_access_granted () const
 Returns true if this property can be read. More...
bool write_access_granted () const
 Returns true if this property can be written to. More...
access_t get_access_mode () const
 Return the current access mode. More...
virtual bool equal (property_base_t *rhs) const =0
 Return true if rhs has the same type and value. More...
virtual std::unique_ptr< property_base_tclone (res_source_info)
 Create a copy of this property. More...
virtual void force_dirty ()=0
virtual void set_from_str (const std::string &new_val_str)=0


class prop_accessor_t

Detailed Description

Base class for properties

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ access_t


Neither reading nor writing to this property is permitted.






Write is locked. This lets you call set(), but only if the value is unchanged.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ property_base_t()

uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::property_base_t ( const std::string &  id,
const res_source_info source_info 

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

virtual std::unique_ptr<property_base_t> uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::clone ( res_source_info  )

◆ equal()

virtual bool uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::equal ( property_base_t rhs) const
pure virtual

◆ force_dirty()

virtual void uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::force_dirty ( )
pure virtual

◆ get_access_mode()

access_t uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::get_access_mode ( ) const

Return the current access mode.

◆ get_id()

const std::string& uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::get_id ( ) const

Gets the ID (name) of this property.

◆ get_src_info()

const res_source_info& uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::get_src_info ( ) const

Return the source info for this property.

◆ is_dirty()

virtual bool uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::is_dirty ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ is_valid()

virtual bool uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::is_valid ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ read_access_granted()

bool uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::read_access_granted ( ) const

Returns true if this property can be read.

◆ set_from_str()

virtual void uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::set_from_str ( const std::string &  new_val_str)
pure virtual

Set this property's value using a string

This requires the underlying property type to be convertible from a string.

uhd::runtime_errorif the underlying type has no conversion from a string

Implemented in uhd::rfnoc::property_t< data_t >, uhd::rfnoc::property_t< double >, uhd::rfnoc::property_t< size_t >, and uhd::rfnoc::dirtifier_t.

◆ write_access_granted()

bool uhd::rfnoc::property_base_t::write_access_granted ( ) const

Returns true if this property can be written to.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ prop_accessor_t

friend class prop_accessor_t

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