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uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t Class Reference

#include <uhd/usrp/fe_connection.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t:

Public Types

enum  sampling_t { QUADRATURE, HETERODYNE, REAL }

Public Member Functions

 fe_connection_t (sampling_t sampling_mode, bool iq_swapped, bool i_inverted, bool q_inverted, double if_freq=0.0)
 fe_connection_t (const std::string &conn_str, double if_freq=0.0)
sampling_t get_sampling_mode () const
bool is_iq_swapped () const
bool is_i_inverted () const
bool is_q_inverted () const
double get_if_freq () const
void set_if_freq (double freq)

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ sampling_t

Sampling mode. Represents the sampling architecture for the front-end


Complex sampling (Complex input, Complex output).


Heterodyne sampling (Real input, Complex output). Only one of the I and Q inputs is used.


Real sampling (Real input, Real output). Only one of the I and Q inputs is used.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ fe_connection_t() [1/2]

uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t::fe_connection_t ( sampling_t  sampling_mode,
bool  iq_swapped,
bool  i_inverted,
bool  q_inverted,
double  if_freq = 0.0 

Create a frontend connection class from individual settings.

sampling_modecan be { QUADRATURE, HETERODYNE, REAL }
iq_swappedindicates if the IQ channels are swapped (after inverion and heterodyne correction)
i_invertedindicates if the I channel is inverted (negated)
q_invertedindicates if the Q channel is inverted (negated)
if_freqthe baseband sampling frequency.

◆ fe_connection_t() [2/2]

uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t::fe_connection_t ( const std::string &  conn_str,
double  if_freq = 0.0 

Create a frontend connection class from a connection string The connection string can be:

  • in {I, Q}: Real mode sampling with no inversion.
  • in {Ib, Qb}: Real mode sampling with inversion.
  • in {IQ, QI}: Quadrature sampling with no inversion.
  • in {IbQb, QbIb}: Quadrature sampling with inversion.
  • in {II, QQ}: Heterodyne sampling with no inversion.
  • in {IbIb, QbQb}: Heterodyne sampling with inversion.
conn_strthe connection string.
if_freqthe baseband sampling frequency.

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_if_freq()

double uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t::get_if_freq ( ) const

Accessor for IF frequency

◆ get_sampling_mode()

sampling_t uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t::get_sampling_mode ( ) const

Accessor for sampling mode

◆ is_i_inverted()

bool uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t::is_i_inverted ( ) const

Accessor for I inversion parameter

◆ is_iq_swapped()

bool uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t::is_iq_swapped ( ) const

Accessor for IQ swap parameter

◆ is_q_inverted()

bool uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t::is_q_inverted ( ) const

Accessor for Q inversion parameter

◆ set_if_freq()

void uhd::usrp::fe_connection_t::set_if_freq ( double  freq)

Mutator for IF frequency

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