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uhd::usrp::subdev_spec_pair_t Struct Reference

#include <uhd/usrp/subdev_spec.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for uhd::usrp::subdev_spec_pair_t:

Public Member Functions

 subdev_spec_pair_t (const std::string &db_name="", const std::string &sd_name="")
bool operator== (const subdev_spec_pair_t &other)
 overloaded equality operator More...
bool operator!= (const subdev_spec_pair_t &other)
 overloaded inquality operator More...

Public Attributes

std::string db_name
 The daughterboard slot name. More...
std::string sd_name
 The subdevice name. More...

Detailed Description

A subdevice specification (daughterboard slot, subdevice) name pairing.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ subdev_spec_pair_t()

uhd::usrp::subdev_spec_pair_t::subdev_spec_pair_t ( const std::string &  db_name = "",
const std::string &  sd_name = "" 

Create a new subdevice specification pair from dboard and subdev names.

db_namethe name of a daughterboard slot
sd_namethe name of a subdevice on that daughterboard

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator!=()

bool uhd::usrp::subdev_spec_pair_t::operator!= ( const subdev_spec_pair_t other)

overloaded inquality operator

◆ operator==()

bool uhd::usrp::subdev_spec_pair_t::operator== ( const subdev_spec_pair_t other)

overloaded equality operator

Member Data Documentation

◆ db_name

std::string uhd::usrp::subdev_spec_pair_t::db_name

The daughterboard slot name.

◆ sd_name

std::string uhd::usrp::subdev_spec_pair_t::sd_name

The subdevice name.

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