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uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t Struct Reference

#include <uhd/usrp/zbx_tune_map_item.hpp>

Public Member Functions

bool operator== (const zbx_tune_map_item_t &other) const

Public Attributes

double min_band_freq
double max_band_freq
uint8_t rf_fltr
uint8_t if1_fltr
uint8_t if2_fltr
lo_inj_side_t lo1_inj_side
lo_inj_side_t lo2_inj_side
double if1_freq_min
double if1_freq_max
double if2_freq_min
double if2_freq_max

Detailed Description

This struct holds an item of the ZBX tune map. Usually, this a vector of these structs would be used and depending on the requested tune frequency an item would be selected. This information should not be changed after initialization.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator==()

bool uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::operator== ( const zbx_tune_map_item_t other) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ if1_fltr

uint8_t uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::if1_fltr

◆ if1_freq_max

double uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::if1_freq_max

◆ if1_freq_min

double uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::if1_freq_min

◆ if2_fltr

uint8_t uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::if2_fltr

◆ if2_freq_max

double uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::if2_freq_max

◆ if2_freq_min

double uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::if2_freq_min

◆ lo1_inj_side

lo_inj_side_t uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::lo1_inj_side

◆ lo2_inj_side

lo_inj_side_t uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::lo2_inj_side

◆ max_band_freq

double uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::max_band_freq

◆ min_band_freq

double uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::min_band_freq

◆ rf_fltr

uint8_t uhd::usrp::zbx::zbx_tune_map_item_t::rf_fltr

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