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uhd::convert Namespace Reference


class  converter
 A conversion class that implements a conversion from inputs -> outputs. More...
struct  id_type
 Identify a conversion routine in the registry. More...


typedef std::function< converter::sptr(void)> function_type
 Conversion factory function typedef. More...
typedef int priority_type
 Priority of conversion routines. More...


UHD_API bool operator== (const id_type &, const id_type &)
 Implement equality_comparable interface. More...
UHD_API void register_converter (const id_type &id, const function_type &fcn, const priority_type prio)
UHD_API function_type get_converter (const id_type &id, const priority_type prio=-1)
UHD_API void register_bytes_per_item (const std::string &format, const size_t size)
UHD_API size_t get_bytes_per_item (const std::string &format)
 Convert an item format to a size in bytes. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ function_type

typedef std::function<converter::sptr(void)> uhd::convert::function_type

Conversion factory function typedef.

◆ priority_type

Priority of conversion routines.

Function Documentation

◆ get_bytes_per_item()

UHD_API size_t uhd::convert::get_bytes_per_item ( const std::string &  format)

Convert an item format to a size in bytes.

◆ get_converter()

UHD_API function_type uhd::convert::get_converter ( const id_type id,
const priority_type  prio = -1 

Get a converter factory function.

ididentify the conversion
priothe desired prio or -1 for best
the converter factory function

◆ operator==()

UHD_API bool uhd::convert::operator== ( const id_type ,
const id_type  

Implement equality_comparable interface.

◆ register_bytes_per_item()

UHD_API void uhd::convert::register_bytes_per_item ( const std::string &  format,
const size_t  size 

Register the size of a particular item.

formatthe item format
sizethe size in bytes

◆ register_converter()

UHD_API void uhd::convert::register_converter ( const id_type id,
const function_type fcn,
const priority_type  prio 

Register a converter function.

Converters with higher priority are given preference.

ididentify the conversion
fcnmakes a new converter
priothe function priority